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Project Recovery & Turnaround

Troubled Project Recovery & Turnaround Management operates on the premise that success is the only option. Projects and Programs can face challenges that complicate intended objectives. Failed projects can result in the misuse and waste of organizational resources, therefore swift and proactive intervention is critical to avoid substantial losses.  Our team helps clients address project challenges at both the organizational and individual project levels.

Typical Symptoms of Troubled Projects:


Lack of buy-in from project stakeholders

Challenges in meeting objectives milestones or completing results

High risk of not delivering anticipated project outcomes

Inadequate allocation of project resources

Consistent project delays

Ineffective resolution of technical issues


Key benefits of our project recovery & turnaround 

services offering:


Evaluation of organizational strategy

Establishment of a portfolio/project governance

Organizational strategy, programs and projects alignment


Organization’s portfolio overall health

Progress towards achieving strategic goals

Composite risk level of the portfolio

Resource usage of the organization

Financial performance of the portfolio

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