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Leveraging their experience and knowledge, our consultants utilize our proven solutions delivery framework to provide enterprises the ability to implement responsibility, accountability, productivity, and efficiency across their organizations.  Our approach provides a methodology for establishing and aligning organizational goals, IT initiatives, success measurement, and risk mitigation.

Project Advisory

We deliver services during all phases of IT systems selections and implementations, including ERP systems:

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Project Tracking & Traceability Services Offering

We provide oversight services to make sure that a system of the appropriate quality is delivered, on time, and within budget. 


Built and tuned through experience gained from enterprise software projects, our tracking & traceability services offering focuses on identifying risk areas early in a project and providing the client the opportunity to mitigate these risks and prepare contingencies.


 Our project deployment approach provides the project management team and staff the necessary metrics and indicators as a project progresses to address implementation issues allowing for improved visibility into the quality of the design, development, testing, and deployment effort.


​Our Project Tracking & Traceability services offering is a cost-effective approach to mitigate project risk and increase the probability of success.



Project Tracking & Traceability

Defining system functional requirements

System Selections 

System Provider Selections 


System upgrades

System enhancements


Project Tracking & Traceability services offering verification and validation checklist:


Is each project deliverable correct in relation to its agreed upon specification and/or requirement?


Is each project deliverable complete with respect to objectives scope, and achieve the required behavior under all possible constraints?


Is each project deliverable consistent, without contradiction, and understood precisely in the same way by every person who reads it?


Is each project interface, integration, and enhancement aligning with the purpose of the overall solution?


Can all project deliverables, including links and interdependencies among artifacts developed during the software lifecycle be followed in both forward and backwards directions?


Our IT (Information Technology) Audit service offering utilizes our IT Audit skills which can help clients fill specific gaps or perform an IT audit function.

Our consultants examine IT infrastructure management controls to determine if the information systems are protecting assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization's goals or objectives.


Audit focus areas:​

Technological Position Audit

Reviews an organization’s current technologies to identify gaps and improvement opportunities.

Systems Development Audit

Verifies that the systems under development meet the objectives of the organization and to ensure that the systems are developed in accordance with generally accepted standards for systems development.

Systems & Applications Audit

Verifies that systems and applications are appropriate, efficient, and adequately controlled to ensure valid, reliable, timely and security for “input, processing, and output.

Management of IT & Enterprise Architecture Audit

Verifies that IT management has developed an organizational structure and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing.

Information Processing Audit

Verifies that the processing facility is controlled to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.

Client/Server, Intranets & Extranets Audit

Verifies that telecommunications controls are in place on the client (computer receiving services), server and on the network connecting the clients and servers.


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