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Cloud & On-Premise ERP Consulting

We have a successful history of delivering cloud-based (SaaS-Software as a Service) and traditional on-premises ERP solutions.


Cloud-based computing solutions provide users access to software applications over the internet that run on shared computing resources (hosted) with the benefit of lower upfront costs because these solutions are leased rather than purchased (subscription based operating expenditures). 


Traditional on-premises computing solutions are maintained on an organization’s hardware making it easier to customize solutions to meet specific needs and requirements.  Typically, this implementation type involves one large upfront investment (capital expenditure).


Upgrades, Enhancements

Project Management

Security Administration

Application Consulting

Technical Consulting

Analysis & Assessment

Business Process Improvement

System Design & Build

Data Conversions

Interface Development

Custom Enhancements and Extensions

Software Testing

Post Implementation Support

Solution Areas

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Enterprise Financial Management (EFM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Work Force Management (WFM)

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